HTC’s bizarre metaverse smartphone is coming on June 28 : gadgets


based purely on what little info is out there, I am guessing they have had another crack at adding a crypto wallet so that the phone becomes a mobile wallet – but without needing to install some app, in order to store all your digital assets – which if they can leverage the right partnerships they can get their wallet ” accepted” by all the right exchanges (NFT exchanges and whatever the fuck “Metaverse” is being the priority) then they are well placed when the masses all start to ask the question “what is a digital asset and why do I need a thing called a wallet and how do I get one?”

clearly they are betting big (as many are) on so-called “web3” and Mark’s “Metaverse” being the centralised single-authority manifestation of the decentralised no-authority value proposition that “web3” is supposed to be all about…

where their previous wallet-phone was maybe before it’s time, (and arguably this one is also) they may have better luck this time


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